Monday September 23rd – Saturday 29th September 2024

Flight of The Swans

Tuesday 26


Jubilee Hall


Including £5 Donation to Conservation Without Borders

Documentary. Director & Writer Anabell Vine. Introduced by protagonist Sacha Dench.

Chagford Film Festival are delighted to present Chagford’s very own Human Swan, Sacha Dench and filmmaker Annabel Vine. 

Sacha is a biologist, conservationist, and adventurer, and UN Ambassador for Migratory Species.  In 2016, she flew from the Russian Arctic to the UK with the wild Bewick’s swans, on a paramotor. She set a Guinness World Record as the first woman to cross the English Channel by paramotor, was the first woman in over 50 years to receive the Britannia Trophy for an ‘outstanding feat of aviation’, and winner of the Green Swan Award for making the ‘seemingly impossible, virtually inevitable’. 

As an experienced conservationist, Sacha has worked tirelessly to build the charity Conservation Without Borders. Her knowledge and inspirational stories of experiences in our natural world, particularly through the eyes of the migratory birds that we share it with and people living at the extremes of our climate, have driven award winning campaigns that continue to bring about change.

Join us for an evening with Sacha as she shares an insight into her world with filmmaker Annabel Vine showcasing the award-winning ‘Flight of the Swans’. Expect an informative, enlightening, and entertaining evening hosted by someone we are all very proud of. Not only for her amazing conservation work but also for her strength and bravery during her recovery from a catastrophic accident in 2021.

For every ticket sold the Chagford Film Festival will be donating £5 to support the work and vision of Conservation Without Borders.

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