Monday September 23rd – Saturday 29th September 2024


Tuesday 26


The Globe


Directed by Gerard Johnstone, stars Allison Williams, and Violet McGraw. 1 hour 42 minutes, you must be 15 or over: please bring ID, cert 15.

Teenagers will appreciate this hugely successful horror film (timed to coincide with the arrival of the Okehampton bus!) combining chills with laughs. Gemma, a talented robot designer, builds an artificial doll M3gan, to be the the ultimate companion and friend  to her bereaved 8 year old niece: M3gan is capable of listening, watching and learning and can not only entertain and instruct her human buddy, but protect her from any danger.  But all too soon M3gan starts to take her role as the little girl’s protector too seriously, wiping out literally anyone who upsets her. Can anyone defeat the increasingly psychotic and scary little android?? So popular, a sequel has already been planned for release in 2025. 

Please bring proof of age: 15 and older only.